Choose a Floor Expert

You think it’s easy to choose a floor expert, well it’s not! There are no college degrees in Flooring. The expertise is garnered over years. Niles Bore said, “An expert is someone who has made every conceivable mistake in a given field”
Designers, Specifiers, Contractors, and Lawyers make the mistake of accepting a person as an expert without fully understanding the breath of knowledge and experience needed to fully “know” floors. The expert in the Forensic Science of floors most not only know how the materials work, and acceptable industry standards for “Tradecraft”, that person must also be trained in the gathering and organizing evidence for a court. In most cases, being a flooring contractor or a materials sales representative does not qualify a person as an expert. I have sat in several depositions where a contractor or materials technician was asked a question and the objection is “the answer calls for an expert opinion”.
When looking at the qualifications of an expert in vinyl flooring, rubber flooring, wood flooring, ceramic tile, dimensional stone, slip resistance, you must also look at the experts experience in working with hotel flooring, restaurant flooring, hospital flooring, retail store flooring, institutional flooring, and transportation flooring.
The best step is to look at the individuals client list, look case involvement list. Seek referrals. Look at industry associations, and involvements in the science of floors.

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