New Moisture Testing Standard

Effective October 1, 2011 The Maple Flooring Manufacturers Association will only recognize the use of ASTM F 2170 (concrete relative humidity) testing. This standard disavows the use of the ASTM F 1869 (Calcium Chloride Test).
Moisture vapor emissions have been the primary cause of failure in , wood flooring, rubber flooring, linoleum, sheet vinyl, vinyl tile, cork flooring, and all other materials.
As an expert in the floors, I have been asked to identify and test for moisture in sub-floors of all types. This new standard will bring a new awareness to the potential damage caused moisture. The construction industry cannot take short-cuts, a technician schooled in the performance of F-2170 must be used. The installation contractor must be present when these test probes are read.
It will be interesting to see how the new standard is implemented by of the other materials manufacturers, such as vapor barriers, and adhesives, and vinyl.

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