Slip & Fall at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart, the biggest and smartest supermarket chain, like most others has a procedure for keeping their floors clean. This however doesn’t mean that their floors are safe. In fact, the process of cleaning a floor can make it unsafe.
How does this happen? Complete cleaning, using detergent, and water takes place after store hours. Does this mean the floor is safe when the store opens?
Not necessarily.
Many detergents leave a viscose residue on the floor, even after rinsing.  There are daily cleaning processes that change the floor surface conditions. There are environmental influences that can contaminate the floor surface. We take samples of the surface, and we analyze it. We have testimony from Wal-Mart employees that identify procedures that can make a floor unsafe.
Remember, the exclusive use of a slip meter for the evaluation of a safe floor is no longer scientifically sound.

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