Forensic Science of slip & falls

The Forensic Science surrounding Slip & Fall cases has dramatically changed. The science of slip resistance measurement in the field, has taken a dramatic turn.
As a member of ASTM International, we stay up on changes in scientific standards, as they pertain to the use of floors, and flooring materials. Since ASTM standards F1679 & F1677 were withdrawn, the weight of measuring slip resistance in the field has fallen on ASTM C1028.
ASTM C1028 is clear, the presence of contaminates on a floor surface must be considered, and identified, when using the results of a drag sled to issue an opinion on floor safety.
Oddly, the engineers using the above test methods, rarely, if ever, identify the presence of contaminates that are routinely weighted by a Floor Expert. Contaminates that are airborne, contaminates that are applied during maintenance, and contaminates that are a residue of common use are all suspect.
We have been successful in the discovery of contaminates that exist on the floors, previously considered safe. This will affect the outcome of slip & fall litigation.

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