Slip on ceramic tile

I was just deposed in a slip & fall case. The site was a restaurant floor. I discussed the presence of contaminants on a ceramic tile floor. There are differences in surface textures and how they combine with air-bourn heavy particulates. If a facility is near a heavily trafficked street or freeway, is likely that…

Floor Covering Expert

In 2010, we handled failures of Rubber Flooring, Vinyl Composite Tile, Carpet, Wood Flooring, and Dimensional Stone. In each case there were expectations of material performance that did not match up to generally accepted norms. The carpet, that was used in a very high traffic location had too much yard, and compressed further then expected….

Slip and Fall

Slip & Fall Expert. We have been working ¬†a case involving supermarket floors and the store management’s responsibilities¬†to keep evidence. It is not good enough to say we lost the video. The courts have been hard on supermarkets that loose photos and videos.